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NUMBERS Files Information

Files with the NUMBERS extension contain a group of compressed files that make up a spreadsheet: an index catalog with binary files in the proprietary IWA format, a metadata catalog with PLIST files and a dynamic graphic file that illustrates a document NUMBERS in the quick preview option.

NUMBERS files are stored in a proprietary format developed by Apple, using a program designed to create spreadsheets that bear the same name of the extension, and that is part of the iWorks office suite for Mac OS since 2007 and for iPad since 2010.

The NUMBERS extension spreadsheet can include:

  • Data tables
  • Graphics
  • Texts
  • Formulas and functions based on data ranges

The NUMBERS spreadsheets differ from the classic spreadsheets in terms of approach to the data. They do not have to contain tables with data, and the pictures and graphs are not placed in specific cells, but in the space of a document called canvas. These files can be converted into spreadsheet formats of different programs; however, their original format or appearance may not be maintained.

NUMBER files compatibility

Files with the NUMBERS extension are not compatible with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. To open a file on a computer operating on the Windows system, you must first export the file from Apple Numbers program, using the menu options: Files → Export to → Excel….

If you do not have access to the Apple NUMBERS application, you can try converting the file to the XLSX format, using one of the tools available online.

How to open a NUMBERS file?

Normally opening a NUMBERS extension file is simple, however, since it is a proprietary format belonging to Apple, it may be necessary to do some previous conversions depending on the operating system you use. Typically, all problems when opening a NUMBERS file can be solved by a user without additional technical support.

Step 1. Download and install Apple Numbers.

Select Apple Numbers or one of the recommended programs (for example, iWork, iWork Numbers, Numbers for iOS) and download it from the appropriate source and install it on your system.

Step 2. Update Apple Numbers to the latest version

The latest version of Apple Numbers is compatible with previous versions and can handle NUMBERS file formats compatible with previous versions of the software.

Step 3. Assign Apple Numbers to NUMBERS files

You must associate the NUMBERS files with the latest version of Apple Numbers that you have installed on your device.