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Why prefer Apple Numbers to Excel?

Making a comparison between Apple Numbers and Excel is difficult because Excel is one of the most powerful and complete desktop programs in the Microsoft office suite. However, given the transition of users to mobile platforms Apple Numbers may have an edge now. Below we will cover some of the advantages of Apple Numbers application.

Layout View

It is probably one of the most useful parts of Numbers. Main layout view of the spreadsheet allows to have a bird's eye view of the document, and to know exactly where each element is placed both when printing and export to print formats like PDF. For example, we can know where we have tables, graphs, etc. In addition, it will help navigate between sheets quickly.

Additionally, if we want to move any of the elements between sheets, we can do it from this same layout view. It is done by a simple drag and drop operating. In Excel something like is not available because everything is located without one spreadsheet table.

Easier table management

In Numbers you can resize the size of the tables and also you can have multiple tables in one sheet. In Excel you have a one infinite table, with different elements placed inside or on top of it.

Print view

When it comes to visual representation and simplicity Apple Numbers exceeds Excel. Apple Numbers allows specifying precise size of the tables thus giving the right proportions when printing.

This is easier to understand and control than in Excel, which shows the dotted line that separates the pages for printing.

Inspector view

Inspector is a window on the right side of any iWork application which displays various properties of the element currently being edited. For any element this window shows all potential properties and modifications which allows to quickly view and modify any properties of the element.