Information, tips and instructions

Open NUMBERS files on iPhone or iPad

iPhone and iPad are designed for mobility, speed of connectivity, application performance, in addition to the high-quality multimedia playback and recording.

While a bit cumbersome, office work on small devices such as mobile phones are frequently necessary. Modern mobile apps allow visualizations or even quick modifications to on-the-go documents.

Apple has thought about high work efficiency and has facilitated the task of opening and accessing documents from its mobile office suite. Below are instructions on how to work with mobile documents generated by Apple Numbers app.

Browse NUMBERS documents on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

The easiest way to browse NUMBERS documents is by using document manager such as Files app or another third-party application. In iOS 11 and later versions and in iPadOS, the Numbers app document manager works with the Files app to keep documents updated between devices and apps.

To examine your documents when you have an open document:

  • On the iPhone, click on the Spreadsheet button.
  • On the iPad, click on Spreadsheets.

Browse documents

To browse other locations where you have NUMBERS documents stored, touch Browse in the document manager. In the Browse menu that appears, touch a location to open it in the document manager. The locations can be your device, iCloud Drive and third-party cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

You can also examine your documents with one of these options:

  • To view recently edited documents in the NUMBERS app you are currently working with, you can click on Recent.
  • To search for a specific document, click on the search field at the top of the window and enter the name of the document, or just a part of the name.
  • To sort the documents of the document manager by name, date, size or label, slide down just in the document manager until the sort buttons appear and click on one.
  • To view documents as thumbnails or as a list, click the List button as the List button at the top of the document manager.
  • The task of opening a NUMBERS spreadsheet on mobile devices such as iPhone or iPad is quite simple since the operating system itself is user friendly when working with office files.